Monday, May 5, 2014


Mother's Day is a special day, a special time, a special celebration where we say "thank you" for everything she does for us.   Everything that she is to us.   Everything that she means to us.

So this Mother's Day, as well as taking her breakfast, or meeting with the family for lunch or dinner, take time to choose a special gift.   Gifts don't have to have $100 vouchers or hampers you know.  A small trinket will be as well received as a Ferrari!   (Joking, of course!)

However, why not choose a special book for Mum.   A book by a favourite author, a new author even. A beautiful antique-looking photograph album.   A vintage collectible.    A book of any subject that she has a special interest in.   Cookery, Native Wildlife, History, Crafts, Novels, Mystery, Gardening, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Picture Books, the list goes on and on.

Visit Rainy Day Books and you'll be thrilled with your choices.   You'll also experience a warm welcome.   Children have their own little nook to spend time in while you're choosing a book for your Mum and they in turn can choose something for you.   The best of all worlds.   The world of the printed word and photo.

Meryll also has some absolutely beautiful, one-off, greeting cards created by a local photographer.  Why not get Mum a uniquely different card this Mother's Day.

There's always something "different" to find at Rainy Day Books.    Visit soon.

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