Friday, March 29, 2013

A MAN and his SHED

It's easy for children and many women to tuck themselves up on a favourite chair and to enjoy reading a book at any time of the day and any time of the year.   With the cooler weather an excuse is never needed to add to our selection of books for late night reading or for that matter any-time reading!

There must be many men who do likewise, but in the majority of cases it seems that men prefer hiding themselves in their backyard sheds during the cooler days.   Some may even get out their tools and DO things!

The latest window display at Rainy Day Books highlights Woodworking in its many facets, and the start of the cooler weather could be the ideal time for the menfolk to start thinking of Autumn/Winter projects that they can start, or maybe even finish if they happened to begin them last year about the same time!

Books of this nature are ideal gifts for the man of the house at any time and who knows what wonderful woodworking creations will be created out in HIS shed!

Rainy Day Books delights in presenting "conversation pieces" as far as its windows are concerned, and this latest display continues the trend.

Books on all sorts of subjects line the walls of Rainy Day Books, and Meryll will be pleased to order in particular books on any subject through her worldwide network of contacts.