Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Did you have a doll’s house when you were young? I did and I always wanted to climb in and live in mine. It was so neat and tidy and simple and it had stairs which of course a 1960s bungalow in Melbourne didn’t have.

This week at Rainy Day Books there is a lovely wooden doll house in the window and some special books on setting up and furnishing doll’s houses.

Also a large fold out book that stands up to make a medieval castle complete with knights.

Don’t miss the cutest little cottage night light that looks just like a fairies house.

Some of the books are The Doll’s House Decorator ; the complete guide to do-it-yourself furnishings for dolls and doll’ houses by Vivienne Boulton $15.

Also The doll’ house do-it-yourself book by Venus and Martin Dodge and a lovely copy of Paul Gallico’s The love of seven dolls.

Do come along and enjoy reminiscing about old toys.