Saturday, August 30, 2014

UP, UP and AWAY!!!

Well this month we are off to outer space at Rainy Day Books.

The window is stunning with silver and black and some lovely bright blue star lights but the books are really interesting.

Reader’s Digest book – "The way to the stars" covers the history of space exploration.

"Who’s who in space" by Michael Cassutt names all the astronauts, pilots and cosmonauts that participated until 1999 with biographies included.

A really interesting small book by Jeff Toghill is called Celestial navigation and this includes sextants and chronometers, estimating positions and tables.

These books would make great Father’s Day gifts and also at the moment there is a new book out by local railway historian, Nick Anchen. This is called Life on the Victorian railways and gives a fascinating insight into the day to day life of men working on the Victorian lines from early days until electrification. $50

Saturday, August 2, 2014


The window has a colourful display of alternative education books including Steiner and Montessori with books on Buddhism and meditation for children as well.

Steiner education is designed to be a health-giving education, nurturing and balancing the human faculties of thinking, feeling and will.

The prime purpose of Steiner rducation is to support and educate children such that their own innate and unique human qualities may come to greater fulfillment.  Rgus us the task of the educator in each Steiner school.

The Montessori approach fosters children's love of learning and encourages independence by providing an environment of activities and materials which children use at their own pace.  This builds self-confidence, inner discipline, a sense of self-wortj and instils positive social behaviour.  The approach forms the basis for likelong learning.