Friday, June 19, 2015

The Litle Paris Bookshop - Book Review

The little Paris bookshop by Nina George.
New 2015 release.

Nina George is a writer, a journalist and a story-telling teacher.  Her writing has included 26 books while as a journalist she writes features, column and short stories.  She lives in Hamburg and Brittany, France.  Her website is

The Little Paris bookshop story:

A bookshop in a restored barge on the River Seine with a gifted bookseller that runs his shop as an apothecary. He divines what book you need to fill a gap in your life and sells it to his customer.

There is a book for every ailment and heartbreak except for the one that he feels himself.

A long ago lover, un-mourned and sadly missed haunts his life.

He escapes from Paris to go cruising along various French rivers and canals, stopping to sell books on his way to find a cure for his heartbreak. At Sanary-sur-Mer he stops for his life to catch up with him.

He takes along a writer with writer's block, 2 cats and sundry other passengers who come and sometimes go.

Interspersed with excerpts from his lovers diary detailing her deepest feelings. "I shall go into my last room and from there into the garden. Yes, that is how it will be. I shall stride through tall, inviting French windows and straight into the sunset."

With lots of interesting characters, beautiful scenic descriptions and my heart rending soul searching.

This book is sensitively translated by Simon Pare:  a delightful, bittersweet tale about the distance one man will travel for love and friendship. 

The little Paris bookshop is available from Rainy Day Books in the Basin, at the roundabout, cnr Mountain Highway and Forest Road, The Basin.  Telephone number:

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