Saturday, July 23, 2011


Even though Rainy Day Books is predominantly second hand books I do also stock some special new titles usually local authors or books of real interest.

One of these is:

Acknowledgement to:

"Beyond the facade ; Flinders Street, 
more than just a railway station" – by Jenny Davies.

This is a recently released, privately published, comprehensive cover of the icon of stations, Flinders Street. “Under the clocks” is a favourite Melburnians meeting place and at some time the station would have touched the lives of nearly every person in Victoria.

This book covers not only the railways aspect but the social impact. The station was originally built to include the social, recreational and educational needs of the Victorian Railways employees and also commercial aspects were added.

The station soon became the focus of life for many Victorians. Opened on 22 January 1910 it has remained central to the life of Melbourne for 100 years.

Very well written and beautifully produced the book completely covers all facets of the stations history with many black and white photographs. 

Remember the Traveller’s Aid Society and The Man in Grey? There is even a section covering the well remembered toilets.

The shop has copies of this large paperback book for $60. Mail orders accepted with a charge for postage.

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