Friday, December 16, 2011

Another idea for Christmas!

It's only occasional that someone comes up with a great idea that has to do with books.  Not writing or selling books but something that can enhance the bookreader's life.

A new product on the market, and available through the bookshop, is the Book Seat.  A great little invention, simple in concept, but has countless ways of making the life of a bookreader even more enjoyable.

This little but smart Book Seat supports books and magazines.   Be able to read - "hands-free".

Think along the lines of a craftsperson trying to follow a knitting or craft pattern and having to pick up the instruction book every few minutes to check what they're doing;  think along the lines of a person in hospital who loves reading heavy novels but the books are too thick and heavy to hold for lengthy periods;  think of someone cooking and again having to check the recipe book laying flat on the bench.   And for the young Mum trying to feed her Bub who decides to take his/her time in feeding, how can Mum hold even a paperback in one hand while holding the baby and feeding him/her in the other?  

There's never quite enough hands to do these simple jobs.

The Book Seat answers all these questions, and many more.   A child who is laid up in  bed with a cold perhaps but who wants to read their favourite book - the Book Seat is the answer here too.

It's available in a variety of colours, and has a special little device that will allow you to hold the pages in place but just as easily allow you to turn the pages, all without having to take the book out of it's little "seat".

A uniquely Australian invention.     Contact Meryll and have a chat about this lovely little gift idea.


  1. Nice idea. I liked that a lot. :)
    Nice sharing. Keep posting.
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you. :)
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