Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's a long weekend!   Just the time to spend with family and friends.   An outdoors picnic or BBQ - the weather is just right for it.   A relaxing afternoon following lunch, either sitting out in the back ((or front garden, taking things easy!

And how better to take things easy than to pick up a book with an Australian flavour?  Delve into our history; learn about how Australia and Australians "tick".   Meet people through the words and descriptions in books - some who you may have heard of, and some who may be new to you.

There's a treasure trove of reading for you, at any time, at Rainy Day Books.   Take the opportunity of driving up to the Basin, and seeking out the best little bookshop in the hills, at the roundabout.   Then, choose something to eat from the Basin Bakery or the Chocolate Dragonfly, and take the children across to the wonderful playground at the Basin Triangle and settle down for an enjoyable experience.

A day for everyone.  An Australia Day for every Australian (and their guests.)


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