Saturday, November 9, 2013


Starting the day in the very early hours then spending all day in the shop, it must be nice for Meryll to put up her feet after the evening news just to relax.

Now there are some who will say that even picking up knitting needles takes too much energy.  But those who know Meryll also know that she is almost a workaholic.  So that means her "leisure" time is just as busy as her normal working day.

As a tea-lover, a few weeks back Meryll came across a book called, aptly, "Tea Cozies".  This particular book has a variety of tea cosies, some very funky indeed.

So believing that  there's nothing better than to dress up a favourite teapot with a coat of its very own,  Meryll began to knit.
Meryll's  multicoloured "Funky Fish" was entered into the Mareeba (Queensland) Small Farm Day Tea Cosy Competition in October and ran away with two prizes.  Firstly the Organiser's Choice Prize and the Public Choice Prize.

Then with a vivid imagination, Meryll decided to make the most unusual tea cosy she could think of.  Hence another prize.  "The World's Most Useless Tea Cosy", made from barbed wire.  

There's no doubt that one can have fun, at any age, by reading, and then making things.  

Why not start a new hobby?   Visit the bookshop and browse through the many shelves of craft books - you're sure to find something that appeals to you.

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