Saturday, March 1, 2014

The National Red Balloon Day

The National Red Balloon Day held yesterday, the 28th February, at Rainy Day Books was a huge success.   Parents and children came from all around the district to buy a red balloon and to show their thanks to the local CFA Fire Brigade at the Basin, for all the wonderful work they do.   So often people forget that our firefighters are all volunteers and give so much of their time and energy freely and willingly.

Jacqui with the help of Oliver and her pony were very busy with 40 pony trips around the grassed area, while Meryll was busy keeping an eye on the beautiful Vintage Fire Truck (on loan from Como Gardens, the Basin).   Kids as well as parents had a great time.   With a number of lovely raffle prizes, Meryll was also kept very busy blowing up more balloons throughout the day.  In fact people were stopping at the shop and calling in today (Saturday) to buy even more.

50 children from the small chuch private school in the Basin walked down to Rainy Day Books to take part in the fun as well as sitting on the fabulous Fire Truck and ringing it’s bell.   Captain Koala entertained everyone - kids and parents alike.

Proceeds from the Red Balloon Day will go direct to the CFA at the Basin.

Keep tuned for some more lovely photographs of the Red Balloon Day which we are hoping to receive in a day or so.

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