Tuesday, May 19, 2015

MKR = Meryll's Kitchen Reads

Rainy Day Books has gone cooking mad and the window is full of brand new cookery books all at half the marked price.

Two fat ladies, Jamie Oliver, 4 Ingredients, Culina Mundi, Juliegh Robins, Monty Don, Rosemary Stanton and Gary Rhodes are a just a few of the cooks displayed.

Cook books (And gardening books) are one of my favourite ways to while away a wet afternoon. I may never use all of the recipes but it is a pleasure to just browse through.

I am having a great time now I have rediscovered the joy of jam and relish making. My kitchen smells wonderful for the day and my pantry is full of glowing jars. Quince jelly, preserved quinces, lemon/lime butter, rhubarb relish, nectarine jam are some of my latest creations.

...... © Meryll Williams Rainy Day Books  1301 Mountain Hwy, The Basin

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