Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Rainy Day Books has gone "patchy" this week, the new spring window combines flowers and patchwork.

There are some lovely books of quilting patterns and lots of instructions for special patchwork items, including patterns for some lovely crazy quilting Christmas stockings in silk and velvet.

Don’t miss seeing the antique sewing basket and Singer sewing box and also the very cute soft flop eared bunny. Rabbits seem to be developing into a secret theme as they have crept into the last 3 displays.

This age old form of the gentle art of needlework has had a resurgence of interest as projects can be as large or as portable as you can manage and over summer it is a peaceful occupation during the very hot days we have coming.
The Basin Community House has a patchwork/quilting group as do many other community groups.

Meryll has a special pattern put aside for her retirement of a wall hanging of a bookcase full of books and has been collecting fabrics that look like book spines for ages in anticipation of enjoying this project when she has the time. She finally found the wood patterned fabric for the shelves but book spines are hard to match.

Happy sewing!!!

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