Thursday, November 10, 2011

More on the surprises you find at Rainy Day Books!

This week's window display is of the Royal Family.  Not only books but some knick knacks including mugs and a beautiful limited edition plate of the (then) Princess Elizabeth.

But the main focus of the display is a 3D of Queen Victoria, Prince (later) King Edward VII and Princess (later) Queen Alexandra.   With a venetian blind effect, 1800s print draws the eye and then as quickly changes while you look at it and move your head.

Full on it shows Queen Victoria, move a little to the right and you see King Edward VII.  Move a little to the left and you see the beautiful Queen Alexandra.

So you see, there's always surprises at Rainy Day Books.  This is why people from interstate and overseas telephone and email, and others travel especially from other parts of the State to call in, browse and go away with books that they've been trying to find for ages.  Meryll will search and locate hard to find as well as rare books - as her many friends and customers will attest to.

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