Sunday, November 20, 2011


I love the build up to Christmas, for me the excitement and the planning are the best part of the time. I have been planning the shop display and collecting decorations that match together for a special window. 

There are also gifts other than books (though books do make the best presents). I have bone china mugs with lovely old book spines as decoration $10, a great new type of book mark that stays put in the book without getting lost $6 and nice book plates to stop the whole book from being lost when you loan them $3. My special trick for lending books is to write my name and phone number right after the end of the book in PENCIL. That way when my best friend finishes reading a special book I have loaned her she knows to return it promptly and stays my friend!

There are plenty of new books as gifts but I am sure that a carefully chosen pre-loved book can mean as much as a brand new book.

....... Meryll

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