Monday, August 6, 2012


Pre-loved books have a wonderful history.   Sometimes it's the history that appeals to the book-lover, as much as the author and the date of publication.  Sometimes it's the actual feel of the book, the wonderful smell of the book.  How often have we seen someone - or even done it ourselves - actually hug a book to our chest in appreciation and joy at finding a book that we know we will love or have been looking for over many decades?

And so it goes with where these books live!  Not only in our homes on our favourite bookshelves, but special areas or "containers".

So it is with the beautiful Revolving Bookcase with the Encyclopædia Britannica 1877 ninth edition of This is the final English edition before it transferred to the USA, which is at present available from Rainy Day Books.

Firstly here's a photograph of a revolving bookcase with encyclopædia taken back in the 1800s (permission from the photographer (Ken Lloyd - Great Britain).  Beside it is the photograph of the Rrevolving Bookcase complete with Encyclopædia now available. 

You can "feel" and "sense" the history!

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